Timber for sale from Water-Powered sawmill in Dumfries and Galloway Scotland

people's palace cinema    Palace Box Office

strippy liitle top cinema tent and projection caravan

Hire the Peoples Palace

Both Cinema/Theatres are resplendently decorated in red, gold, black and white paintwork and soft furnishings. They are hireable, complete with usherettes who serve both popcorn and a beautiful range of tailored hot water bottles to stuff up your jumper! The Peoples Palace are also currently developing associated walkabout characters and a series of “peep-show’ booths, themed along the amusing lines of Bestial Burlesque, that can also be incorporated into your event.

Smaller tented cinema/theatre

Has twenty red and gold 1920s upholstered seats, in four rows of five. The tent has a blackout lining and so can be used for projection at any time of day, and in any weather.

Large outdoor cinema/theatre.

Has full sized (16 x 26 foot) freestanding screen with original sturdy steel frame and forty red and gold upholstered seats. The seats are attached in groups of five.These are usually placed in two columns of four rows with a central aisle. However, they can be arranged in any formation of fives. Requires 61 x 40 feet space minimum. Can only be used for projection after dark.

Pricing: We aim to tailor bespoke events with very variable ingredients. Therefore pricing is a matter of detailed discussion. For a one day/night event one could expect to pay between one and three thousand pounds. Costs per day become proportionately less for longer events. Workshop facilitators charge approx £150 per day. Please feel free to contact Alice for friendly discussion!